The world of poverty, turpitude and dilapidating social values long awaits reaction which will yield hope and recovery. The response is, however, more than a vocal address. It must be holistic in nature; not undermining demonstrative instruction and love through generosity.

Everyone is able to participate in the movement which is not merely humanitarian but the proclamation of the Christian gospel.




Through IMPAC (International Missionary Performing Arts Company), Christian youth who are gifted in the performing arts; dance, drama, poetry and music are called together and motivated to do their part in sharing the good news with peers across the world, eradicate poverty and correct the disrepair of social values.

Youth between the ages of 15 and 40 and not exceeding a group of 50, will travel each year to different cities and communities of developing countries around the world to address, through performing arts, the ‘hot climate of relevant spiritual and social issues.’ IMPAC audiences will include churches, schools, correctional facilities, town squares, etc.

On each travel, one or multiple benevolent project/s will be undertaken. This includes: caring for the poor in providing basic needs; food, clothing, shelter, utility bill coverages, the award of tuition and school supplies for children and teens, upgrading of educational institutions and residential facilities through the provision of technological devices and proper infrastructure.

Through IMPAC, participating youth will gain exposure and grasp the importance of responding to poverty and other third world quandaries, gain the opportunity of participating in Christian missions, develop boldness and grow spiritually.


IMPAC is a registered member of A.C.T. International (


Become a part of IMPAC today:

  • Must have a gifting in at least one area of performing arts.
  • Must be between the ages of 15 – 40.
  • Must be a professing Christian- baptized and associated with a local church.
  • Must complete an application form.
  • Must be able to produce a senior pastoral reference.
  • Must be able to produce a completed parental consent form (if under the age of 18).

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I am the parent of the child listed above. I give him or her permission to become an active member of the
International Missionary Performing Arts Company (IMPAC). I understand the influence youth have on
their peers and will, therefore, support my child in every way possible as he/she travels to the nations to
share the Christian faith and participate in benevolent causes, under the supervisions of IMPAC group